No two clients are the same. Neither are their communication needs. We are a full-service agency without the cookie cutter approach. We provide whatever you need to the highest possible standards.


Press • Posters • TV • Radio • Retail

The professionals who make up InHouse have spent lifetimes looking after the advertising needs of large clients, Australian and international alike, with outstanding success. Along the way we’ve learnt every trick of the trade, traditional and digital, and now we’d love to share our learning with you.

Lesson 1: Advertising can pay big time for clients. There are many lessons to be learnt from the past successes and failures of the wealthy.

Direct Marketing

• Letters • Mail Packs • Mail Shots

Where should a really well honed advertising message go? Out of all the choices available today, one good place is a tried and tested one: ie directly in the hands of your customer; in the form of a targeted and persuasive one-on-one direct marketing message. Better still, up the ante by including an irresistibly good deal or sweetener and just watch your direct marketing shot pay for itself many times over – as you watch the size of your database grow.

Of course you’ll need skilled and experienced practitioners to make sure your direct marketing forays are directly accountable… but you know where to find yours.


• Web Sites • Flash Banners • Video for Internet • Back End

Where are you viewing this? On the web. Why are you reading it? Because it’s a good example of good web design; simple, cost effective and persuasive. The messages, words and pictures have collaborated to make you a captive audience. Nice simple navigation hasn’t hurt the cause either.

Ultimately, making the most of your web presence is no different to any other advertising or communication form. You need motivated, media and message-savvy professionals on your side.


• Photography • Design • Copy Writing

Few message forms have the power, scope and sheer selling power of a well designed and written brochure. In a world full of poor attempts though, the trick always is to resist the usual and the uninspired. Or, at the very least, to work hard at doing it better than you or your competitors have ever done it before.

So, be bold. Make big, high impact statements in pictures and the printed word. Put aside a decent budget and invest it in the high return, repeat-purchase power of a pro bro.

You can do much better with your brochures. And we’d love to show you how.



• Logos • Stationary • Livery

McDonald’s Golden Arches, Coca Cola’s timeless calligraphy. There are countless examples of superior, high class corporate id at work all around us, every single day.

They are simple, unmistakable and commercially priceless. They stamp the company’s image and authority inside and out, in the marketplace and into our brains.

Curiously, there are countless more examples of shoddy and ill conceived corporate id programs out there. You will not bring them so readily to mind.

So, like your corporate id to more resemble the former than the latter? Inhouse can help.



• Script writing • Filming • Editing

Professional, dramatically told and sequenced corporate DVDs no longer need be a major production or drag on your budget and company resources. Inhouse have developed a modus operandi that simplifies and streamlines the whole process. Economy is the key .

As with all successful productions, pre-production is everything: work done upfront determines the quality and appeal of what finally appears on screen. So InHouse is heavily involved at every stage, especially upfront, collaborating with all appropriate stakeholders to determine the best and most cost effective way to deliver your business objectives on screen.

The result is minimum wastage and maximum screen and sales impact.



• Brochures • Web Sites • Letters • Medical • Employee • Retail Ads • Brand Ads

In a world of commercial parity often it’s not what you say but how you say it. This is where good copywriting can play such a vital commercial role. Many believe that the best exponents of the craft have provided much of the fuel that has lit the flame of modern business over the past century.

The good news is that you don’t need to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange to profit from the tricks of the wordsmithing trade.

The art of good copywriting is to successfully forge a union between a product or service and its intended audience. Inhouse are masters of all forms and tricks of the copywriting trade.


Proof Reading

• Brochures • Legal • Advertising

Their, there. Your, you’re. Complimentary, complementary. The English language is a minefield when it comes to typos. You can read what you’ve written over and over and still miss simple mistakes. In advertising mistakes can be costly and damaging to your brand.

We’ll put an independent eye across your copy. If there is even a single mistake we’ll find it and give you peace of mind that everything is perfect.



• Portrait • Pack Shots • Architectural

The photograph is the domain of the art director. He or she will envisage the shot, commission the right photographer to capture it ‘just so’ or, on more rare occasions, take it themselves.